''Marry a man with Vision and Focus,'' Gloria Bamiloye

Gospel film producer and actress, Gloria Bamiloye, has lent her voice to intending couples. She gave a detailed account of the process of courtship and how it should be adhered to.

She started out by explaining what courtship means. In her words, it is the ‘period in which a relationship is developed between couples especially with the view of marriage’. Also, she added that it is the time to get to know your partner more. It is also an avenue to know yourself more in the relationship because there are certain characters that your partner will reveal to you. 

Your Partner Must Have a Job 
Getting married is a life goal and it is advisable you get married to someone with a job. Even if he is a spiritual person, you must know the kind of work that he does. Many persons have become lazy because they are into full time ministry. Do not marry a brother who is lazy. 

There is no excuse for choosing to do nothing when you have plans to marry. Some persons use Gods service as an excuse. These set of persons lack vision. It is advisable to marry a man who is ready to dig in for his possession. Some men are mere dreamers.

When you commit yourself to such a man, you are only putting yourself in a dangerous position.

My Parents were against my Marriage
Mrs Bamiloye further talked about her marriage to the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye. In her words, her parents were against her marriage to the gospel film maker because he did not have a secular job. Nevertheless, she was not moved. She believed the vision Mike Bamiloye had and his efforts towards making a living out of his vision. 

Furthermore, she admitted her husband was a hardworking young man when she married him. This showed that he was ready to possess his possessions. More so, she added that if Mike Bamiloye was not on the ministerial field, he was busy writing scripts and studying the word of God. His vision was the compass for which he got his possessions.

Adam was a Hardworking man
Gloria Bamiloye also used the biblical Adam to buttress her point. According to the gospel film maker, Adam was a busy man. Before the Lord provided a helper for him, he was already working in the garden. Hence, God blessed him with a helper because he was already helping himself out with some things.

In other words, if you are a lazy brother, you do not deserve a helper. She also advised ladies to desist from men who are not willing to work for themselves.

Stay Focused in your Relationship
There is every need to stay focused in your relationship especially when you have proposed in your heart to get married. In courtship, do not lose your guard; be sensitive. Check your interest and desires as you journey into marriage.

Many persons say love is blind. However, Mrs. Bamiloye has a contrary opinion. If you are truly ready to get married, you must open your eyes to the plans God has for you, she said. You need to be sure that your future spouse has a vision that aligns with yours. Also, ensure that he or she is willing to partner with you on your vision.

Check your Partner's Background
One factor that conflicts most interests in courtship is difference in family background. Before you decide to settle with your partner, be sure that his or her background will not serve as a gridlock for your marriage. There are many families who do not accept people from a certain background. If you decide to commit yourself to such relationship, you may be signing for a disaster at the end.

Submission is also a Point to Note
It is paramount to note that if God prepares a partner for you, he or she should be able to submit to your vision and lay sacrifices for you too. Mrs. Bamiloye used Rebecca in the Bible as an instance. Your partner should be willing to accept you although you both have notable differences. This can only happen when the both of you are willing to submit to one another. 

You will have a blissful marriage if you can handle your differences properly.

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  1. Gloria Bamiloye is a role model. She has always been a standard for Christians who wish to go into the drama ministry..thank you for all you do ma

  2. Gloria Bamiloye is a role model in the chrisrian drama ministry.
    Thank God and you for the support in makin the Mount Zion Ministry a pillar today.. God bless you


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