The Overflow (Rain On Us) by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Out Now!

Once again Pastor Chingtok Isahku has given us a song that will no doubt be used to pray and worship by many! The Overflow is a worship song with First Love Worship and evokes one to sing and pray simultaneously.

The YouTube caption states, “The Overflow (Rain On Us) is a song of prayer that captures the desire of every believer to see their humanity overtaken by God’s divinity. As we cry our in thirst, God responds to our desire by pouting out his Spirit upon us again. Pray with song, groan with it, until God’s divinity overflows through you and brings His kingdom as it is in heaven.”

Some of the lyrics are found below:

God of all seasons

God of all days

You hold our seasons

In the palm of your hands

God of the harvest

God of the rain

We ask for the former

And latter rain

We ask for the former

And latter rain

So rain on us

Break out

Pour out

Fill us to till we overflow

Don’t enjoy this alone, share far and wide!

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