Jimmy Odukoya teaches the 4 kinds of mercy

The senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Jimmy Odukoya, is currently teaching a series on God’s mercy in March.

On his social media pages, the preacher broke down the topic. He stated that there are four kinds of mercy. The first type is the prevailing mercy. This kind of mercy, it is for everyone. No matter what, God’s love extends to all. He quoted Psalms 145:9 as a reference.

The second kind of mercy is encompassing mercy. This mercy is one’s shield! It protects one from harm and guides one safely. His Bible reference was Psalm 32: 10. Here, God’s mercy is one’s armour which enables one to face life’s battles with confidence.

The third is sure mercy. He said that one should think of this mercy as a spiritual deposit. It is a dependable source of strength and hope. Isaiah 55:3 was a reference scripture.

The fourth is great mercy. This powerful mercy opens doors and positions one for success, even in areas where one does not qualify. 2 Chronicles 1:8 was the Bible reference. Odukoya also encouraged people to embrace God’s great mercy. It will take one to places only God’s mercy can take one.

In an earlier post last month, Odukoya, who is the first son of the late founders of the church Pastors Taiwo and Bimbo Odukoya, had announced that he was commencing a monthly newsletter titled ‘the Lion’s tribe newsletter.’

He said, “Hey Tribe, are you ready for the monthly newsletter? Every month, I get to connect with you, share my thoughts, and send you some encouragement and whatever God lays on my heart to share. I also let you know what book I’m reading for this month. So, if you want to get the newsletter every month starting this month, click the link in my bio now to sign up. Let’s go!”

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