Dunsin Oyekan cautions believers who mock the Christian faith

Popular gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan has admonished believers against promoting things that mock the Christian faith. His statement was about people who are promoting the words used by a controversial preacher Chikwuemeka Ohanaemere, predominantly known as Odùméje. 

He is the General Overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, and a musician. His words include ‘abidoshaker’ and other statements that are often used for comic relief.

In a post on his social media pages on Monday, March 11, the singer wrote, “I have been seeing videos and people writing ‘abidoshaker’ and the rest. Believers, the things we find funny are a mockery of our faith. We should shut things like this down!

“No, it is not funny! You will be shocked at how gullible some people are. Let’s wake up.”
Several of his followers reacted to the post on X. See some of their comments below:

@flyord_innocent: “Thank you sir for coming to address this. When I came across it, I was angry in my spirit. How can it be that believers are propagating the kingdom of the devil? What an error.”

@lightypeace: “You are right sir.”

@realfojmedia: “God bless you, sir.”

@ItsDoris wrote: “I have never come across the word before. What does it mean?”

@thefunmiadeyemi: “Finally someone said it.”

@Oladele_awo: “Seriously, Pastor.”

@JohnpaulAnene: “Noted sir.”

@jrenner7: “Shaking my head. It is not funny. Lord, have mercy.”

@godsfavour: “Gbam! The Eagle has spoken.”

@sule_monica: “He is a man of war, not a man of God.”

In an earlier post, the singer announced the release of his latest song, ‘City of God’. He wrote on X on March 8, “While men slept, a new sound was born. Some weeks ago, we were documenting some sounds released from Heaven to us. As we worshipped, I started hearing this sound from the throne of grace.

“God blessed us to be able to put it together right there and then, we had to record it immediately. I mean, how else would the words of this song be true? I bring heaven here and now.

“Friends, I present you the mind of God for this season. You are the city of God. Eden is no more a location. You carry heaven here and now.”

He also noted that people should stop taking God for one that they can only do transactions with. In another post, he wrote, “God is not a formula. God is not a supermarket. He wants a relationship, not a transaction. Love Him for who is, not what He can do.”

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