DJ Black Coffee reveals how near-death experience led him to Christ

Award-winning South African disc jockey, songwriter, and record producer Nkosinathi Maphumulo, aka DJ Black Coffee, has shared how his near-death experience in South America made him give his life to Christ.

In an interview with Kaya FM presenter Thabo Mokwele, the disc jockey said he had an airplane accident while he was traveling to Argentina. This made him have retrospection about life. That incident left him with several injuries as his plane made an emergency landing in Montevideo, Uruguay's capital.

He said, "I put on my headphones and took a nap, but I was woken up by what seemed like a dream or nightmare. The plane was shaking extremely violently. I fell on the floor and I still had my headphones. There was a gospel song playing, and there was this song playing 'hallelujah, hallelujah' in a loop, and the loop kept getting higher and higher. It felt like a choir or these angels were singing to save me at that moment.”

Black Coffee was immediately taken to the hospital where he had a five-hour surgery to adjust his upper spinal cord. He was there for a week before he recovered.

This incident made him rethink about life. He said, "I saw my life ending. I wasn't even praying to be alive, I was just praying to get to Heaven. I was like, 'Don't lock me out, God'. I don't want to be on the other side. I feel like I have been given a second chance.”

His repentance was not immediate and he had many questions in his heart even after he was discharged. He had to meet Pastor Kabelo Mabalane, who was a singer before he became a preacher, for answers.

DJ Black Coffee noted that he had everything but felt empty and he knew Mabalane could relate with him because he had felt that way before.

He said, "I felt like I needed to be prayed for. So I called Kabelo and I told him how I was feeling. He came to the house and he gave me a perspective of life and faith that I never knew existed.”

The pastor explained the gift of salvation through faith and not works, admitting that Jesus had already paid the price of our sins. Mabalane noted that salvation is for a journey towards perfection through God’s assistance, and not for the perfect.

DJ Black Coffee added, "He told us that 'the first thing you need to do to walk this journey is to put Jesus in your heart' and that's when I accepted the call.”

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