Koinonia Global celebrates 13 years of impact

Koinonia Global, a ministry headed by a popular preacher, Apostle Joshua Selman, is celebrating its 13th anniversary of impact and revealing Jesus.

In a lengthy post on its social media pages on Monday, March 11, the ministry wrote, “13 years of impact, 13 years of revealing Jesus, 13 years of Jesus being glorified, 13 years of replicating God’s life on the earth, forever to go...thus far has the Lord helped us (1 Samuel 7:12)

“With grateful hearts, we stand in awe of God’s faithfulness as we celebrate 13 glorious years of Koinonia. It is with profound reverence that we acknowledge the presence of Jesus among us, working wonders, and the continual outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and gracing us with His divine presence.

“For 13 years, God’s favour has been our constant companion and His mercy our sustaining force. In this journey, we have witnessed His promises unfold, His Word manifesting powerfully through the teachings imparted by our esteemed father and mentor, Apostle Joshua Selman.

“As we reflect on the profound impact Koinonia has had on the body of Christ, individuals, communities, and nations; the countless miracles, signs, wonders, transformations, salvations, healings, and testimonies that have marked our path, we are reminded of the immeasurable goodness of God over us as a global family. With each passing year, His faithfulness only deepens our reverence and gratitude.

“Thank you, Jesus, for 13 years of unyielding faithfulness to Koinonia and its global family. You are the cornerstone of this house, our ever-guiding light, and our unwavering strength. We celebrate with joy and thanksgiving a journey marked by intimacy, purposeful partnership, and enriching fellowship with God. Truly, He has been our Ebenezer, our rock of help, and for this, we exclaim, Hallelujah! Happy 13th Anniversary, Koinonia Global!”

Since its inception, the church has spread across different nations including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and has branches in Zaria and Abuja.

Several of its members also celebrated with the ministry. See some of their comments below:

@thebarnabasharuna said: “This graphic design says a lot. Koinonia is hanging in space; not in Africa.”

@phoebe__james wrote: “Thank you Jesus for this family. Happy 13th Anniversary to Koinonia. God continues to strengthen and uphold Koinonia. Amen.”

@glory_favor: “Glory to God Almighty! God has indeed blessed me through this ministry and I am eternally grateful! Thank you!”

@onuekwusichidozie: “Congratulations, my people. God bless you more, Apostle.”

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