Massachusetts threatens to shut down pregnancy centers that offer abortion pill reversals

(Pro-life advocates in the US. Image source: ABC News)

Pregnancy care centers have been issued a disciplinary threat by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in the United States that offers reversal of abortion pills.

A memo was issued to this effect by the Commissioner of Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) Dr. Robert Goldstein to Massachusetts licensed nurses, physicians, physician assistants, hospitals, pharmacists, pharmacies, and clinics.

The threat was a decision the state took to tackle what it tags as the “deceptive tactics” of pro-life pregnancy centers. Goldstein outlined a list of reminders to licensees regarding licensure obligations and providing standard of care.

In the memo which was made available to Christian Post, he said, "Physicians and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who practice in violation of good and accepted health care practice may be disciplined for conduct which places into question their competence to practice.

"For example, there is strong evidence that medication abortion reversal is unproven, unethical, and unsafe to provide to patients; such that a physician or APRN who offers or provides this treatment could be found to be practicing inconsistently with accepted practice and subject to discipline." 

He further stated that noncompliance with the recognized standards of practice will lead to professional discipline, up to and including license revocation.

He continued, "In the wake of recent complaints regarding several anti-abortion centers, DPH has initiated a review of its statutory and regulatory obligations. The purpose of this review is to make sure DPH professional licensees and facility licensees — including these centers — are adhering to their designated scope of practice and operating transparently and free from deceptive practices." 

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health made reference to information compiled by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to reaffirm that abortion reversals pills were unsafe and unproven. 

The health organization noted that in 2024, it is committed to a multi-dimensional awareness campaign with the target of enlightening the public about what it claims are pro-life centers' "deceptive tactics to limit people's choices and prevent abortions."

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