Hollywood actor Jonathan Roumie speaks on playing Jesus in 'The Chosen'

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American actor, Jonathan Roumie, who became famous for playing the role of Jesus Christ in the Christian-themed series, “The Chosen”, has opened up on his renowned movie character.

The 49-year-old Catholic revealed that he was struggling with his finances and didn’t experience much success in his career before he featured in the movie.

In an interview with the Christian Post, the actor said, "I think if I had experienced success much earlier in my career, I wouldn't have appreciated it in this way, and I most certainly wouldn't have developed the faith that I have now in the same way.

"Maybe I would have gotten there in another route, but I think for me, this whole process of getting to the point where I didn't have food for tomorrow, I think that was all part of God's design to make me realize that I needed to depend on Him.

“I was used to depending on myself and not really activating my faith in a way that I think He knew that once was activated, could go and change people's hearts. More so, it will also change the world one person at a time by playing a character based on the Son of God who changed the entire world. I wouldn't have had the maturity beforehand. I wouldn't relate to the suffering Jesus had gone through in my own way."

“The Chosen” was co-written, produced, and directed by Dallas Jenkins. Since its launch in 2017, the series has raised over $10 million from over 19,000 investors through a platform called VidAngel.
It focuses on the life of Jesus and has gathered millions of fan base globally. The fourth season of the series will be released in theaters on February 1. 

Speaking on the impact of his role in the series, Roumie said that the more he plays Jesus, the more he becomes eager to learn more about Him. He also noted that he is not Jesus, as some people tend to believe when actors play the role.

He continued, "It's not really my job to control what they think or how they react; the only thing I can do is remind them that I'm not Jesus. I'm Jonathan. I'm a person."

"I'm just a dude. I'm playing this role, and I have a deep devotion to Christ. I think letting people kind of see behind the curtain helps clarify that distinction and that separation,  which hopefully will give people a better understanding of what the challenges that I have."

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