Child Evangelism Fellowship releases Christian-themed series, “Esther”

(New animated series, "Esther". Image credit: CEF)

In a bid to encourage more Christian contents for children, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) has disclosed the release of a new animated series titled, “Esther”.

The series, which was inspired by the book of Esther in the bible, is aimed at bringing children’s focus to biblical contents in a digital world. It’s in parts and the focus is on prayer, faith, grace, courage, and providence.

It was premiered on January 6 in the United States with each episode centered on imbibing Godly principles and practices in children. This work holds similar content and values with “God Protects His People: The Life of Esther” series which is also from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

CEF is known for creating contents which brings children together through Godly animated series, songs, and many more kinds of contents.

In an interview with the Christian Post, CEF’s Director of Digital Ministries Andrew York spoke about what children are currently exposed to and the aim of “Esther”.

He said, “More than ever, children are exposed to immoral content on social media, in advertising and on many internet platforms. “Esther” gives parents the confidence to know that their children are watching wholesome, entertaining programming with a biblical message.”

Also speaking further on its efforts and mission, CEF’s Executive Vice President Moises Esteves said, “The structure is in place, the boots are on the ground to grow this ministry exponentially. And we have strict strategies, like children reaching children, which is teaching older and more mature children to evangelize to their peers. It’s a beautiful training that we’re accelerating in the coming years.”

He continued, “Children need the hope of the gospel, they need the hope that God can give into their lives. There’s a great need for the gospel. The doors are open, and we just need more believers to get on board. Let’s reach children for Christ while they’re young, while their hearts are open, because as they grow up, the backpack of sin begins to be heavy, and hearts begin to harden.”

Founded in 1937, CEF is said to have impacted on the lives of children globally over the years. In 2022, it was reported that over 19.5 million children heard teachings of the bible through the ministry. In addition, more than 439,000 teachers have been trained worldwide.

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