Christian teacher fired for preaching on the street gets £7,000 reward

(Andy Nix. Image source: Christian Concern)

A teaching assistant in the United Kingdom, Andy Nix, who was said to have been sacked for preaching on the streets, has won the legal case against his former employer. 

The man noted that he was preaching during his free time and his action did not in any way affect his job. However, he was unlawfully laid off. In legal settlement, he got £7,000.

Christian Post reported that he was represented in the court by lawyers at the Christian Legal Centre and they announced on Thursday, January 11 that that Nix got £7,000 from his ex employers, Temple Moor High School in Leeds, UK.

According to Nix, he was fired in July 2021. He was arrested alongside another street Dave McConnell in Leeds City Centre in July 2021.

They both faced criticisms for their actions. McConnell was attacked and some of his items stolen as he was said to be preaching against LGBT values. These incidents were recorded in a video footage.

He was reported to the UK’ counterterrorism watchdog for referring to a trans-identifying man as a gentleman in the crowd. The court did not admit the charges against McConnell but he was still prosecuted and mandated to perform community service.

A security operative who arrested him, and was sporting a tattoo, wanted to take away the cross with him. He attempted to hand it over to another person standing beside him.

Nix is vehemently against homosexuality and he does not hide his stand on it, same with McConnell. During Nix’s stay in the cell, he was to be questioned by officers but he refused.

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