Pope Francis Warns Priests & Nuns Against Pornography

The Pontiff has admitted that the priests and nuns of the catholic church also indulge in online pornography and warned strongly against continuing in this vice. Pope Francis however, made a delineation between criminal and ‘normal’ pornography. “It is a vice that many people have, many laymen, many laywomen, and also priests and nuns. The devil gets in that way. And I’m not just talking about criminal pornography like that involving the abuse of children, that is already degeneration. But pornography that is a little ‘normal’. Dear brothers be careful about this.”

The father of the Roman Catholic church made this statement during a media parley at the Vatican on Wednesday October 26 when asked the best way to utilize social media and the digital world. The octogenarian admitted that he does not possess or use a mobile phone. Furthermore, he recommends its use to the barest minimum for communication purposes.

To avoid this ‘temptation’ that ‘weakens the heart’ he advises that those that have it should ‘delete this from your phone, so you will not have temptation in hand’. Great advice indeed so that individuals will literally not use their hands to sin. Laying emphasis on the quality of heart that must be maintained by the clergy he reminded them that Jesus requires a pure heart in order for them to function in their office.

Pornography is a billion-dollar industry whose usage has proliferated in society. Online porn is worth an estimated $9 – 97billion (USD) in the US alone. Some of the categories include adult video, pay-per-view and magazines. The average age of those exposed to and using pornography has fallen successively over the years and now more than every children, pre-teens and teenagers have behavioral challenges and consequences as a result of many harmful practices they have seen.

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