Christian ministry delivers 225k Bibles to North Macedonia

Eastern European Missions (EEM), a Texas-based Christian ministry has delivered 225,000 Bibles to individuals who do not have access to it in North Macedonia.

EEM, which was founded in 1961, prints and distributes bibles to Eastern Europe and other surrounding countries. The recipients, who include individuals at schools, youth camps, refugee centers and other places where they are needed, get the Bibles for free.

The North Macedonia government gave EEM the permission to deliver the bibles after it heard of the group’s works.

While speaking with The Christian Post on the donation, EEM President, Bob Burckle, said, "God's word is a seed that we have been planting, and we team and come together with a number of different organizations to help us do that.

"We go to major Bible translators like Bible League and then different Bible societies to get their translations. And then they take and they format the books, put them into the printed word, and then we print, publish and distribute." 

Burckle added that churches and individuals make the donations which were used to print the Bibles.

In July, North Macedonia’s Department of Religious Relations got Bibles from EEM which were later distributed to individuals and churches. The government has also requested another 225,000 Bibles to be delivered in 2023.

Burkle said that they are capable of granting the request, adding that everyone deserves to have access to the word of God.

In his words, "You’ve got to get God's word in your heart. You’ve got to get it totally within your entire body and soul in order to fully appreciate and understand what God has done for us. What our future hopes for is how to manage the difficulties of life, which we all have." 

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