Mase Responds to Diddy in New Video

Mase and Diddy have once again made headlines with their decades old ‘beef’ and this time around Mase has done a video in direct response. For those wondering what the bruhaha is all about, let’s travel back in time to remember what happened.

As a rapper Mase was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and enjoyed great success with five platinum singles and top 10 status on the Billboard Hot 100 and his album, Harlem World was quadruple platinum. Single hits include Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, Mo Money Mo Problems, Been Around the World, Feel So good, What You Want, Lookin at Me etc. In 1999 Mase quit the music scene to answer ‘the call’ to minister as a preacher. The story goes south when Mase claimed that Sean Combs refused a $2m offer to buy back his publishing rights from the label.

P.Diddy on the other hand feels he’s been unduly castigated for not adequately compensating artistes. He has issued a  challenge for people to prove that he owes any artiste money. His thoughts on Mase are clear, “I did one album with Mase. One album! How much money do you think I owe this guy? One album? And then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people? And then y’all gonna let him throw dirt on the god’s name?”

Mason Betha was forthright and dropped scriptures from the Bible to back his stance. “Maybe you didn’t like the way I said it, but I know what I said was right. And I want to tell you why, if the devil can use him aggressively then I want you to know that God can use me aggressively. I want you to know I’m up for it. I’m up for it. I’m anointed for it. I’m anointed to dethrone evil, I want you to know that. The second thing I want to talk to you about is 54:17 so if you see me being aggressive it’s because no weapon formed against me will prosper. But isn’t it sad that that’s the only part of that scripture people understand, it’s loaded with content and revelation, but the very next part is if any man, any man any tongue rise up against you, you shall refute it. and that’s what I did.”

The rapper turned pastor retraced the steps that had led up to this point. “I went through ever step biblically to deal with Puff that’s why I went as aggressively as I have. Number one I went to him as a brother, when things were not right. Secondly, I went to him with a witness that was Rodney Jerkins, like the bible says if you don’t get it right with him, go back to him with a witness. I did that. The third, it tells us to do is go with the church, bring it before the elders. I reached out to his bishop. His bishop declined to mediate the situation. So, I just went to step number four, which is mark him as a publican and have nothing to do with him. And that’s what I did with him lyrically. So, I don’t know if it’s me or you’ve got a problem with the Bible because all I did was handle it like I was supposed.”

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