New Video - How Are You My Friend by Johnny Drille

How Are You My Friend is the new song from singer Johnny Drille. It was produced by the Don of Mavin records, Don Jazzy. Johnny has dedicated this single as a tool for reunions and connections. His IG page says it clearly enough. If there’s someone you haven’t spoken to in a longtime share this with them, so they know you still care about them. With this song I want to be able to help people rekindle old and lost friendships.

Another IG post was more elaborate in just how clear the message it carries, “You don’t need to say anything else to them, just send this video to that 5 of your friends you haven’t spoken to in so long, let them know this is how you feel towards them. You never know what they may be going through, they need to know you still care even though you’ve been distant.”

The unique sound in his music comes alive and eases you into the lyrics and beats. The artiste has coined ‘Afro-folk’ as the best description i.e. folk music with the African twist. “There’s a lot of pidgin English intertwined with some African percussion instruments. It’s a new sound in Africa, but I’m excited to come this far because the fans love it and we’re gradually expanding that niche fan base further and further.” More of this is contained in songs like Loving Harder, Wait for Me, Romeo and Juliet, Hallulujah and more.

Mavin Records describes the singer as one of this generation’s torchbearers in alternative rock and folk music. He’s a poster boy for good music and fan loyalty. Johnny shares a special connection with his clan of fans, arguably the most intimate you will find in Nigerian music. It comes to life through his personal calls, his hit social content series, #JohnnyMusicMondays and their support of his brand. He was signed to Mavin Records in 2017 with the single ‘Wait for Me’ launching this new phase.


How are you my friend?

How do you do my friend?

I know sometimes  e be like say

Nobody send you

That one na lie

I dey for you my friend

Padi no vex for me

Say I never call you since

But I hope that you are well?

I hope your market sell

Everyday I dey pray for you

Make baba God bless you

I never forget you

How I go forget you?

See my shoulder

Make you rest upon

You know I got you

Na me be your friend indeed

The money don show now

I don keep some for you

You no go suffer rara

God anything I get na for me and you yeah

How are you my friend?

How do you do my friend?

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