Evangelists attacked for leading Muslims to Christ

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Two evangelists in eastern Uganda, Robert Okia and Wilberforce Mutenga, who led several Muslims to Christ, have been attacked and injured with knives, The Morning Star news reports.

Okia is a 43-year-old father of six while Mutenga is a 38-year-old father of two. Both of them preached the Good News in Busakira village, which is a predominantly Muslim area. After their preaching, eight persons were converted to Christianity.

As they continued with their preaching in Ikule village, Mayuge District, they were attacked. The incident occurred on October 7, 2022.

Mutenga said, “We were beaten because of taking the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the purely Muslim community of Ikule village. We didn’t know that Muslims in this place had heard about our successful mission in Busakira village.”

At the second home they preached, they were surrounded by Muslims who asked them some questions relating to Islam but they were unable to answer. Thereafter, they started shouting and brought out sticks to beat the preachers.

Mutenga said, “One shouted the Islamic slogan of ‘Allah Akbar (God is greater)’ three times, and everyone began to get hold of sticks and started beating us badly.”

Mutenga suffered bruises on his legs, his head was wounded with a knife, and his right knee was dislocated, which caused him to be hospitalized at a private clinic in Kampala.

On his part, Okia also sustained injuries on various areas in his body. He was also hospitalized for proper treatment.

He said, “After beating us, they carried and threw us near the swamp that separates Busakira and Kigandaalo, where a herdsman saw both of us bleeding and screaming for help. The man rushed and called local authorities, who took us to a nearby clinic for treatment.”

The victims have said that they would file a police report once they leave the hospital as they remember the faces of their assailants. They added that they would not stop preaching the gospel.

Mutenga said, “We need your prayers all the time, because when we recover, we have to continue with the message no matter the persecution which we have gone through.”

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