Heidi, Rolland Baker & Iris Global Feature in New Documentary Nifento

Heidi Baker has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus and a missionary for many years. Together with her husband Rolland they have lived in Mozambique for over the past 25years. As founders of Iris Global, a Christian humanitarian organization they have seen their share of war, natural disasters, horrors that one human being can inflict against another and much more. The new documentary Nifento tells the story of Heidi, Roland, Iris Global and the beloved Makua people they call family. In the Makua language, Nifento means love.

As reported by CBN News, the documentary was described as, “Nifento follows Heidi Baker, her husband, Rolland, and Iris Global’s CEO, Will Hart, as they fight to see love win against all odds in the midst of terrorism, chaos, and torture of the innocent.”

The synopsis of the documentary for the documentary reads, “Filmed by two missionaries, James and Jessica Brewe, NIFENTO is a film that showcases the grim reality of the war and terrorism in Northern Mozambique. It features stories from families who are experiencing it firsthand and the response of Iris Global, who are working hand in hand with the local Church. “

“Striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus in one of the poorest nations in the world, Heidi and her team have faced cyclones, floods, famines, extreme poverty, and now terrorism. The conflict has ravaged the region resulting in over 800,000 people fleeing from their homes and becoming internally displaced.”

As a couple Rolland and Heidi have weathered many storms for the Gospel in Asia and Europe. They are not strangers to the practical ways of living out their faith. The choices they’ve made in different scenarios all over the world plays out in Pemba. They’ve demonstrated that choosing Jesus over and over again is their lifestyle and the benefits and struggle tied to it are real and can be seen by all. They will inform you that they have no regret for the life they have lived and continue to in their chosen country and people.

Nifento is scheduled to premiere in November 2022 and the website has details of how groups and churches can be involved in sharing its message with the world at large.

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