Anne Graham-Lotz admonishes Americans who have turned away from God


American preacher and founder of The Angel Ministries, Anne Graham-Lotz, has admonished some individuals in the United States who have turned away from God. She was a speaker at the Family Research Council's Pray Vote Stand Summit held at First Baptist Atlanta. 

The event was held from Wednesday to Friday and it centered on standing for life. It was spurred by the overturning of Roe v. Wade (the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide) by the U.S Supreme Court in June, 2022.

Graham-Lotz in her speech likened her country to that of Judah in the Bible. Judah was known for not appreciating God for its blessings despite being a prosperous nation. Their action made the Lord to raise prophet Isaiah who criticized the actions of citizens of Judah.

The 74-year-old preacher, who is the daughter of the late renowned preacher, Billy Graham, also told a story of how she threw away a gift from her mother, Ruth Graham, because of how it was packaged – in a tissue paper.

However, she discovered that a gold ring was contained in the tissue paper. She likened her story to the present case of Americans.

She said, "I had thrown away a priceless treasure because I didn't like the way it was wrapped. Are we in danger of concentrating on the wrapping and the brown paper packages that show up and missing the treasure that's on the inside? We are under attack." 

In addition, she said that the sins that prophet Isaiah condemned are still evident in the nation including premarital sex and abortion. More so, the people need to turn their ways to God.

She said, "A nation that, in a way, like Judah, is a covenant nation dedicated to the glory of God by President George Washington when he was first inaugurated, and we have rejected God. We have turned away from Him.

"And we have had more than 52 years of relative peace and prosperity, but instead of using that time to draw near to Him, to live out our national life in gratitude for His blessings, acknowledging that all blessings come from Him, we have turned away from Him. I believe we need, as a Church, people who call ourselves by God's name; we need a fresh vision of Jesus.”

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