Olumide Iyun Calls for 300 Man choir to Release Sound of Heaven

Olumide Iyun is about to embark on a massive music project and he’s looking to collaborate with 300…yes you saw right, three hundred voices to join him on this journey. He seeks willing voices that will join in live recordings in the months ahead. This project is going to capture various songs and personal revelations he has received over a twelve- year period. The psalmist has called what will unfold as a prophetic worship experience.

In his words the description of willing participants required to work on this project is, “300 excellent, anointed worship leaders, singers, back-up singers, choir members who will lend their voice together with me to release what I’ll call a Sound of Heaven.  This means that if you believe you have what it takes and more importantly that you ought to be involved, it’s time to shoot your shot! Obviously there must be an audition (of sorts) and technology has made it easier to do this too.

Interested parties must register using this link.

Please note that A one minute video of you singing any song of your choice, required in the Google form confirms your registration.

Registration closes Thursday September 15, 2022.

Comments or questions should be sent to soundofheavenglobal@gmail.com

I’m so excited and personally believe that this will be one of the biggest collaborations in music here in Nigeria.  This is an opportunity for everyone involved to learn, grow, stretch and produce something they’ll all be proud to share and have as part of their track record. 

Share to the singers and choristers in your life!

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