Evangelist killed for Preaching in Uganda

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Sozi Odongo, an evangelist in Uganda was killed in his home by Muslim extremists for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was aged 45.

He lived in Agule Town Council, Pallisa District area in the country. The incident occurred on July 29. According to reports, a sharp instrument was used to cut the left part of his head and neck which left him with deep wounds. While the incident happened, his wife and four children hid themselves in one of the rooms in their home.

Sources had claimed that a week before, threatening messages were sent to the victim, including one from Nasuru Ongom, a Muslim sheikh (teacher) in Palissa town.

The message read, “Please stop preaching to our people using the holy Quran, or else you risk your life.”

While Odongo was preaching in the community, he was said to have quoted some parts of the Quran. His wife, Stella Kilo, narrated how her husband’s killers came into the house on July 29.

She told Morning Star News, “We heard them talk in the Arabic language and wondered what could be the matter. They then arrived and knocked at the door.”

She said that her husband opened the door for the suspects while she and her children went into the bedroom. As soon as they entered the house, they started beating Dongo.

Kilo continued, “He screamed while mentioning the name of Nasuru, saying, ‘Leave me Nasuru, Nasuru, Nasuru, please don’t kill me, just tell your colleagues to leave me. Then I heard a loud hit, and thereafter no more screaming.”

After they had left, Kilo and her children still hid themselves in the room because they were afraid that Odongo’s killers may still be around.

When they finally left, she opened the bedroom door and found her husband laying with his blood all over him.

She said, “I tried calling my husband, but he was unable to talk, and I then rang a neighbor and informed him about the situation.”

The neighbor came, saw Odongo’s body and called the chairperson of the area, George Ochola, who called the police. A report has been with filed with the police and they are currently searching for Odongo’s murderers.

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