Mount Zion Films mark 37th Anniversary

Christian filmmakers, Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, celebrated the 37th anniversary of their company, Mount Zion Films on August 5, 2022.

While marking the day, Bamiloye wrote on social media, “Today, 37 years ago, our journey began in the drama ministry. Thanks to ministers of God worldwide who have stood in the gap for us in the place of prayers.

“Thanks to the church of God that have interceded on our behalf and people of various places and tribes that have sustained us with financial provision.

“Thanks to pastors and ministers that have helped us in various times of need, and Mount Zion Institute Alumni Fellowship, Nigeria that have supported us at various times.

“Thanks to ministry friends in many nations that have honored many Mount Zion families at various times. Thank you Jesus Christ for consistency, sustenance, and for new visions evolving.”

Mount Zion Films members

He also recounted when the company marked its 35th anniversary in 2020. He said, “In 2020, when we turned 35 years in ministry, the Lord told us, ‘What you have seen is yet small compared to what I would still do. And between that year and now, we have seen His greatness. We are moving forward. We are marching on in the power of the Holy Ghost. Thank you all, thank you Jesus!”

For almost four decades, the Bamiloyes have released several movie titles that have inspired their viewers. Their stories centre on leading people to Christ and building their faith.

Some of the notable films they have produced so far include Agbara Nla, Hunting Shadows, Fruitless Tree, One Careless Night, Abejoye, The Train, Heart Pain, and Magdalene.

Bamiloye’s children – Damilola, Joshua, and Darasimi, have also been consistent in carrying forth their father’s legacies. They have also produced some movies which have gotten accolades from their viewers.

As the film company marked its 37th anniversary, it received congratulatory messages from their fans across the country. There are expectations that the company will continue to produce greater works for their viewers.

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