Joel Osteen Encourages more Involvement in Church

Joel and Victoria Osteen

American preacher and author, Joel Osteen, has encouraged individuals to be more involved in the church. He made this statement during the church’s event, ‘Come Hope to Hope’, which was held on Saturday, August 6 and monitored by the Christian Post.

Joel and his wife, Victoria, pastor the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. They have a 45,000 member congregation.

This would be the first time in three years that the event will be held at Yankee Stadium. This was after it was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joel said, “I think it's significant that after three years, we would come back to the iconic stadium in the biggest city in America.

“We hope it inspires people in their faith. Let's start believing, dreaming and hoping again. Life was difficult but God is still in control. I just think God dropped it in our hands, and we took the step of faith, and you know what? God does what we can't do.”

The program had performances from top Christian artistes including CeCe Winans, Lakewood music, and Tauren Wells. There was also inspiring teaching from Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Victoria said, “Let's recharge and refuel again. If we don't get with it and take back our lives, we are going to be just stuck in perpetual problems.

“This is because there are always going to be problems. However, it is what we do with those problems that make all the difference in the world.”

In his remark, Joel encouraged attendees to grow concern in matters that relate to God.

He said, “I feel like my calling is to throw a wide net of hope to get people interested in the things of God.

“Most of the emails I get say, ‘I never watch TV preachers, and I don't like TV preachers, but I watch you.’ So, it's just trying to let them know that God's got a purpose and plan for them.

“They should know that they can forgive, break an addiction and reach their dreams.”

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