Mercy Chinwo Says Yes

The beret wearing gospel powerhouse said yes! Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Blessed Uzochikewa will be tying the knot in the near future. The happiness on the occasion is palpable in the video she shared on her YouTube channel. Her IG page caption was short and sweet. “The thought of doing the next phase and the rest phase of my life with you makes the blessing more real. I love you sweet heart.”

The pair are friends and have been for a while and when things happen (like they have) that video, tweet or post will surface to show just how friendly. The one that surfaced shows Pastor Blessed giving her introduction as she comes to lead worship. “I love Mercy Chinwo so much, she’s like a sister to me. Amazing lady, very powerful, very anointed so beautiful. I said to her you make beret look so cool. God bless you. Let’s celebrate her one more time.” The YouTube comments on the clip are hilarious!

Mercy suspected he had plans but didn’t know the day or way the proposal would take place. On the set day, she was whisked off by PB on the pretext of being introduced to his leaders. The rest as they say is history. All the people she hoped would be around at her proposal were there and she was happy it went the way it did.

“I’m grateful to God that this happened at the right time. For me it’s divine and I want to encourage you out there to trust in God that yours will definitely happen. No time is too late right, God is a God that is very intentional about your life. His thoughts for you are of good not of evil it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says. What matters is what God’s word says about you.”

Fans and well wishers shared their thoughts and prayers with the singer.

Sunday Namayo said, “Congratulations to you woman of God. May God continue to use you to touch and bless lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen!”

Nancy Bazile was detailed, “Congratulations my sister. I’m a Haitian woman living in Miami Florida and just want to let you know your music. Worship and praise to our God has blessed me tremendously. On my last fast, I listened to your music for 21 days. Let’s just say, what I’ve prayed for came to pass. Thank you.”

Luisa Sheelongo was thankful, “Indeed no time is too late. God’s time is the best. I tap and receive this blessings and Grace in the mighty name of JESUS. Amen.”

From all of us at Christianity Nigeria we pray a peaceful home and union on Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa.

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