Nikki Laoye & Soul Snatcha Release ‘I Do’

Not wasting any time, the Snatchas have released their first single as a unit! Mr. and Mrs Kunle Adeyoola dropped the simple, love song I Do recently. It’s a love song expressed and spiced in Pidgin. The length will ensure it’s on repeat, whilst the lyrics will make you melt and the beat cause you to make that  move. In fact, the #iDoLoveChallenge has taken off with reels of friends shaking a leg to the song.

Their journey to finding each other and a second chance at love is better than a Nollywood romance…I’m sure the movie will come out in a few years. The Duo have been open with details in the hope of inspiring people out there to choose love a second time. Their IG statement captures it. “Our love story is definitely a God given Second Chance of a lifetime, we call it #RemixOfALifetime and this song is a perfect expression of our love and commitment to each other. We do hope this song will further re-ignite the passion, commitment and love in your relationships and marriages.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to more songs and collabo from this talented couple. I’m certain they will not disappoint us either despite their schedules. I’m almost sure that the next song will have the Fantastic Four doing their thing too! That song will most definitely be one where Nikki and Snatcha will fade as the children shine and have loads of fun with Mom and Dad.



My lover

My lover

My lover


Hey girl you give me love

Wey dey sweet my body (body)

Baby me and you go dey forever

Baby nobody fit put asunder

Hm never o, if them try

E go backfire

(backfire o)

I do, I do,

Anything you want I do

I do, I do

Baby I give my all unto you

I do I do

Anything for you

I do

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