Christian Cyclists Raise $1 Million for Youth Ministries Globally

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A Christian cycling group, Ends of the  Earth Cycling, has raised over $1m for youth ministries across the globe. The group, which is connected with the Florida-based missions group, New International, made the announcement on its Facebook page.

The post read, "I am excited to share with you that we have just surpassed $1,000,000+ raised to promote and resource global youth ministries! We have been blessed to #PrayPedalRepeat for 24 different countries, some of them multiple times."

The fund was raised by 906 cyclists who went on 43 tours. The focus is to use a bike to raise funds for a particular youth ministry in a foreign nation. Also, the bikers get financial support for the ministries and prayers for their needs.

The executive director of the cycling group, Justin Hanneken, said that the goal to raise $1m was thought about eight years ago. He is excited that they met their goal this month. 

The aim of the group reads: "We give people who want to change the world opportunities to use cycling to bring the hope of the gospel to global youth through multi-day, Christ-centered bicycling tours."

Christian Standard had reported that the cycling group was founded 11 years ago after Hanneken's boss at New International supported him to organize a bike ride with some youth pastors. This was an idea to harmonize fellowship. The bike ride led to the first event with about 12 riders, which was a 300-mile bike ride from Fort Myers, Florida, to Key West. $7,700 was raised during the event. 

Thereafter, 10 percent of the funds was used by the group to further develop the program and the remaining was donated to a youth ministry in Bulgaria. In November 2022, the group will be holding a "Decade of Impact Celebration and Fundraising GALA" to celebrate its accomplishments. 

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