Due Parenting Podcast with Ibrahim & Linda Suleiman

Every couple gets married and looks forward to the time they’ll have children. Usually, couples also have a plan for this, the least of which is money since it is an essential part of life needed to take care of that child. Ibrahim and Linda were not left out and put theirs in motion…however things didn’t go the way they planned. When they got back from their honeymoon, they discovered that they had gotten pregnant! Because this wasn’t the plan, they were both excited and scared at the same time.

They decided to do the podcast and share the joys and many discoveries of first-time parenting and everything it entails. Things people didn’t tell us. That we found out by ourselves. The good, the bad, scary, ugly and the exciting. Ibrahim discovered that Linda’s hormones wreaked havoc with her moods and he had to learn how to navigate them. Linda had dietary restrictions that were made up of her favourite foods, pizza, youghurt, prawns etc were off menu.

 Ibrahim shared, “We read a lot and researched about being first time parents, so we thought we were ready. We put money aside, if you have money, you have space. You think you have space in that your house now. We have each other, so everything don set abi? So, all the ingredients were set. I want to let you know that having the baby is fantastic, going home with the baby is exciting. Living with the baby though! We weren’t ready.”

Linda’s comments as a new mother at the hospital, “Let’s just say that they were really nice at the hospital for the three days that I was there. I was enjoying, all I had to do was just wake up, breast feed, eat, go back to sleep. As soon as I came home, ehh…the boy showed us pepper!” Real life kicked in for them and this included taking shifts to tend to Keion and settling down to the parenting role.

Linda and Ibrahim discussed some of the difficult experiences they’ve had. The banter, chemistry and openness in which they let us in on this journey will easily make this a favourite and not just with new parents either. Full episode here 



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