Calvary by Folabi Nuel is Out!

Over the Easter weekend the Folabi Nuel released his song Calvary. This single featured his good friend Jo Deep. The video for the song was recorded during the live recording of Revival Is In the Air album. In his own words, “One of the finest and most authentic songs I have ever written. This song sums up my Christian journey. We fail so many times but Calvary calls us by name!”

The lyrics of the song remind us that despite our weaknesses God does not condemn us, rather He’s available to help and release His strength for every situation and phase of life we might find ourselves. Folabi’s mellow voice, the background singers, Jo Deep’s guitar strings and the beats will definitely appeal to everyone that listens. Moreso, the message is a reminder of what the Easter season is about and also that it’s not just for Easter but a relationship that Jesus died to bring to all.


I’ve failed so many times

Lost in my way

Consumed by every lie

And you seemed so far away

Death tried to hold me down

But you saved the day

Now nothing stands between us

Cos you made a way!


Calvary is live on YouTube and many fans have shared their experience and thoughts on it.

Ochuko Apkobome commented, “This song bears a strong reminder that through humanity’s ordeals, there’s a tangible reason you can be free to live and lift your head. Calvary. Yes, Calvary! Oh, Calvary! Beautiful Calvary!”

Alexandre Ramos had this to say, “Wonderful and so beautiful, Jesus Christ who give us life, mercy and grace, without Jesus we are nothing.”

Damaris Abimbola was at the live recording of the album and exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for this song since the live recording! Love, love, love it.”

Listen, share and reflect on what this means to you in a practical way.

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