Funke Felix-Adejumo Apologises for Past Preaching on Marriage

Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo is well known for her sermons on marriage, women and faith. Some of her sermons and views about women and marriage have come under fire in the past. Despite being outspoken on controversial topics the speaker has stood her ground and forged ahead. She lost fans and followers, but many remained loyal. However, since the death of the Gospel singer Osinachi, the cleric has been very vocal and taken a stance that many might consider an about face to her previous utterances.

In her recent livestream titled, Abuse: Causes, Prevention, Effect & Healing FFA shared that her sixtieth birthday was a few months away. She also gave viewers insight into her background, upbringing and the culture and norms that shaped her worldview and the person she grew into. “I’m going to be sixty, so you can imagine the generation that raised someone like me. The generation of my parents and mine taught us that marriage is a do or die affair! If you’re 27 or 30 and you’re not yet married. As a man you’re 35 you’ll begin to hear things like when are we going to eat rice? Pressure, societal and family, all sorts will begin to come.”

 In the first few minutes of the broadcast she began to paint the picture of a woman that had made a decision to consciously let go of harmful beliefs and re-learn and imbibe new paradigms. “You know one thing I’ve come to realise, the illiterate of the twenty first century are not the people that cannot read or write, they’re the people that cannot unlearn or relearn. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m even got a coach. I also had to start unlearning and relearning that no woman is a witch because her husband’s life is not better. I preached it before…now I’m unlearning. This was what we were taught, this is how we were raised. But you see I refused to sit down here and continue to preach the same thing. I refused to be a twenty-first century illiterate.”

The apology was  plain enough, “Now we’re saying that every adult is responsible for their life. We will bring our best to the table as a man or woman but you cannot tell me that it’s because I’m not dressing well that you went into adultery or you went to go and have another child. So, I’m unlearning several things. I actually apologise! I’m unlearning some things and relearning and using my platforms to let us know that every adult is responsible for his or her success.”

Furthermore she also acknowledged that, “It’s a sign of pride for you if you have authority over people not to admit your mistake and not to correct it. Hebrews 1 from verse one to two says that God did things previously one way, but now does it another way. We as leaders have the ladder of growth, learning and developing.”

Along with her guests, Christie Bature (Trauma Counsellor & Addiction Therapist) and Dr Enitan Oyenuga (Clinical Psychologist) dived deep into the topic. Pastor Funke has committed to treating issues like adultery, incest, step parents, in-laws etc over the next couple of weeks. Do watch and share with others.

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