Michael W. Smith Releases 'Cry for Hope' for Ukrainian War Victims

Michael W. Smith

Popular American gospel singer, Michael W. Smith, has released a new single for victims of war in Ukraine. According to him, the song, ‘Cry for Hope’, narrates the sad occurrences in the country since Russia’s invasion two months ago. David Hamilton, Smith’s friend, co-produced the song with him.

Smith said he was led to do the song and that the some of the proceeds from the track would be sent to Ukraine aid. He said in a press release, "After watching the news and the devastation in Ukraine, like most of the world I was in tears. Over the next few days, this melody just kept coming back to me and just spoke a message that no words could convey."

In an interview with The Christian Post, the Grammy-award-winning artist spoke about the support the refugees have gotten so far.

"The supplies that they're sending over are just enormous. It's just incredible. This need is going to be great for a very, very long time. Can you just imagine just your family and all your memories, and you're forced to leave everything you've known your whole life, and you're sleeping on a cot at some refugee camp overnight? Try to imagine that happening to us, as Americans. We can't comprehend that. And that's what's happened to those people," he said.

He added that troops on ground in Ukraine have gotten the song and their responses have been positive so far. He said, "I'm grateful that music is a healer," Smith stated. "You know, it always has been. I'm just praying that this song will give these people some hope. And that they'll be able to come back stronger than ever, and that this war will end."

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