Christian Pastor in Uganda Violently Attacked by Muslim Relatives for Leaving Islam

                               (Ugandan flag)

In Uganda, a Christian pastor was attacked by his Muslim relatives after he converted from Islam. Pastor Bashir Sengendo, who was an ex Mosque leader, was said to be a disgrace to his family after his conversion.

The Morning Star News reports that on January 12, the cleric had returned home to visit his family after leaving them in 2016. He told the news outlet, "This request (to go back home) continued for the last six years, but I had been reluctant to go back home. I was shocked to receive a cold reception and slept without food, only to be attacked and beaten badly in the morning by my brother and my uncle. They cut me with an object in the head, back and hand.

"As the attackers were hitting me, my uncle said that the family spent a lot of money training me as a Muslim teacher and that I have caused a lot of shame to the family and Muslims at large."

The pastor sustained serious injuries and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
 In May, 2016, Sengendo converted to Christianity and he spent six months attending a Bible college, then became a pastor. 

The attack on him would not be the first as there have been several attack on Christians in the past.

Muslims make up only 14 percent of Uganda's population with major focus in eastern areas of the country. Christians constitute 82 percent. 

World Watch Monitor, a persecution watchdog, notes on their website, "A home-grown Islamist rebel movement has taken root in neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has emboldened Ugandan radicals to increase pressure on Christians." 

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