Pastor Ibiyeomie Condemns The Activities of Internet Fraudsters

                    (Pastor Ibiyeomie)

Senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has condemned the activities of internet fraudsters aka yahoo boys. He asked them to desist from their demonic acts and placed a curse on them. In a sermon titled, “Prophetic Declaration Against Internet Fraudsters”, the preacher said no matter how much Yahoo boys try to sugar-coat their activities, the end point is that they are still stealing. 

Ibiyeomie added that the activities of the internet fraudsters is a demonic and satanic way to make money which takes people to their graves daily.

He said: “Yahoo boys, stop! You can’t be defrauding people every day. Stop! Listen, I am a man of God, stop! You kill people every day. When you Yahoo somebody, it’s stealing. Don’t quote it anyhow, it’s stealing.

“Most people all their retirement money, you take if from them and the people died. I curse you in the name of Jesus."

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