Kumuyi Preaches Hope to Nigerians In Crusade Tour

    (Pastor Kumuyi, his wife, and other delegates)

The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, has said that evil seems to be more potent because it has more attention than the good happening in the country. He made this statement on Wednesday while responding to questions from journalists regarding his forthcoming crusade in Akwa Ibom State titled ‘The Wonders of the Cross.’ 

He was received alongside his wife and other ministers by the Akwa Ibom State Executives led by the Head of Service, Elder Effiong Essien. Kumuyi said, “I’m sure you know that when one person does evil in a way that he probably uses the internet to do that evil, it is more pronounced than when 100 people are living good, normal, quiet and profitable life for themselves and the country.

 “The truth is that we seem to highlight the evil that the few people are doing. But we will keep on preaching the gospel believing that God shows His love to everyone, both good, bad and ugly.

“We may not totally stamp out evil completely for every country but we pray that more good people arise and that things will be better for every country particularly Nigeria and Akwa Ibom State.”

The 80-year-old cleric also spoke about the crusade which has been going on for a while across the country. He added that he will continue to preach the gospel of Jesus and explain to people on what the cross of Christ means.

 “We will keep on preaching the gospel believing that God shows His love to everyone, both good, bad and ugly and bring in more people that will be profitable for the country.

‘’What I want to achieve in the global crusade is to let the people know that this is what the cross of Christ implies and the benefits you were to receive as a result of what Christ has done.

“We have been taking the global crusade from city to city all over Nigeria and the Lord has touched many lives in different parts of the world. Actually, we transmit the crusade virtually to every country of the world,” he said.

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