Turkey Attack Ancient Christian Communities, Indigenes Flee

                                (Turkey flag)
Christians in Syria are under attack from Turkish-backed forces. There is an ongoing gunfire in the Dil Dara town which is just a couple of kilometers from the Turkish border. The country has recorded major violent cases in the past ten years.

According to CBN News, the violent situation in the town is to chase out the Christians and resettle the town with Arab Syrians who fled as refugees into Turkey. 

"We are sleeping with our kids, with our animals, outside of the village. That's what we are doing. They shell us every day," a survivor said.

There is a widespread damage in the town caused by rockets and shelling that Turkey sent into North Syria. This resulted into many of the indigenes fleeing the town and Turkey’s desire is being fulfilled.

‘’Commander Aram of the Syrian Defense Forces walked us through the battleground. This is the front of the front and it's our last position north of Tal Tamr, and we used to come to the village from Seri Kaniye Road but we are not able to use that road now.  We are using the M4 road. So there was other civilians here, maybe 14-15 families, but since last week they left. They come mornings and they left evenings. It's a problem.

‘’There are now abandoned Christian villages all throughout Northern Syria, and walking through them is an eerie experience, like this particular village which had over 2,000 people living in it and today it's a ghost town.  They were right in the middle of working on a church building that they've been forced to abandon as they've fled for their lives,’’ a CBN News reporter said. 

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