Photos: Nigerians React as Pastor Kumuyi arrives Crusade in Limousine

On Wednesday, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi arrived Abuja for the "Divine Solution" crusade in a Limousine. He is known to preach modesty and also live simply. However, his arrival in the expensive car has caused a debate on social media.


In some comments, people said the cleric is deviating from what he teaches his flock. However, some persons said that he deserves whatever honor he gets because he has worked for it. Below are some of the reactions.

Voke Cedric commented, ‘’This car looks beautiful but it’s an early 2000 car. This is not even the 2018 version. This is the 2009 version of chrisla limousine. Besides, Limousine is the cheapest car for the rich except it’s laced with armored equipment. This car is not as expensive as the new Mayback, Bentley, Farari, Bugatti, and others. So, forget what any says, the clergyman deserves it. The Bible says for the Lord gives his beloved rest. This is rest.’’

Obinna Aligwekwe posted, ‘’Change is the only constant thing in life. Father Kumuyi of Deeper Life Christian Church alighting a Limousine. Who would have thought? In my lifetime, adherents of his church never watched television. Sometimes, I don’t see this as hypocrisy, but the mere ephemeral nature of doctrines. 


Chisom Tochukwu Igwe said, ‘’He has every right to enjoy himself. Pastors are not forbidden to enjoy good life biko. He preaches because most people focus on things like this, keeping God one side. So, I support his preaching to keep reminding people about the kingdom of God.’’

Oluwanishola Akeju posted, ‘’Seek the kingdom of God first, and every other thing will follow you. The Man of God has paid his dues to humanity and continually paying it to God. Please he deserves the very best.’’

Ify Chika wrote, ‘’The earlier Nigerians leave pastors alone, the better for all of us. Run your own heavenly race and leave pastors alone. They are not our problem.’’

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