New Single Greater by Tiphani Montgomery

This has become a blockbuster on the Christian Billboard Charts, weighing in at number 3! It also ranks high on Apple music and other streaming platforms. According to Tiphani she recorded it as a joke and apparently the joke’s now her as God has blown it up!

On her IG page @tiphanimontgomery she shares the entire story on how Greater happened. “This song is literally a joke gone right and it’s proof of how much weight our words carry. @MILLIONSConference 2020 (which was our first ever world-wide virtual experience) had just ended the weekend before. By the grace of God, it was a great success. I flew into Atlanta for a one-day meeting and Gold agreed to pick me up and take me right back to the airport. A quick turnaround.

And because I play waay too much, I jokingly said to him, “Take me to the studio. I wanna make a HIT SINGLE!” He laughed (cause I’m funny), turned the car around and actually took me. We got there and he told me to go in the room and start singing.Wait. I was just playing. I can’t sing. Please. Make it stop.He waited until I finished over exaggerating, handed me a piece of paper and a pen, and closed the door. My flight was scheduled to leave in 2 hours. The pressure was on. Except…there was no pressure. I opened up my Bible and went to Deuteronomy 1:11. It reminded me who God said that we are. We are called to be: GREATER! GREATER! GREATER!

Tiphani is the founder of Millions Conference (training millionaires) and Covered by God (building bolder believers), both powerful ministries that have made a huge impact on thousands since they started. As you can see, she’s seeing the result of words she made in jest play out in ways she did not envisage. In rounding up her story she encouraged everyone to. “From this day forward, make a vow to watch what you say. If you don’t want to see it happen in your life in the next 3-5 years, don’t joke about it. Your words are so powerful that they don’t know when you’re joking. They’re assigned to do what you say, whether you were just playing about it or not.”

After her studio session, apparently Tiphani did not, I repeat she did not release the song immediately. She waited for some months! The day she finally decided to take the song’s advice and be greater she released it. This was on a Friday in September and by that evening it stood at #3 of iTunes chart! The lessons from this are many and the bottom line is to watch what you say, whether you’re serious or as a joke. It comes to pass one way or the other and many times there are unexpected outcomes that stem from that.

This fiery preacher of the Gospel also listed three things to do about your words so that you can see the right things come to pass in your life.

#1 Repent for being reckless with your words.
#2 Renounce all word curses you spoke over yourself.
#3 Replace them with what God said.

I hope you listen to Greater and remember how it was born and also defied the imagination of the singer. By the way Tiphani also sang all the parts of the song…alto, soprano, contralto et al that you hear on the single.


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