Fame, Family & Faith by Kingsley Okonkwo Debuts on YouTube - Banky W & Williams Achumba Episode

 Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has started a new series, Fame, Family & Faith  on his YouTube channel. The series was kicked off with Banky Wellington (a.k.a. BankyW) and Williams Achumba. The Love, Dating and Marriage founder spent time with them and asked questions on these three areas.

Banky W spoke about how the marriage relationship was created by God as a reflection of the relationship people are meant to have with Him e.g. the wife is to show her relationship with her husband as how she relates to God  and the husband how he treats his wife as how God takes care of the church (his body).

Williams reminded everyone that they ought to be mindful how they spend their time because they don’t know how much of it they have left and that it’s how they spend the period on earth that determines how they spend eternity.

These two celebrities also talked about many other things. They shared from the heart and were open and vulnerable despite their celebrity status. It is also worth noting that their humanity shone through as what they touched upon was relatable and not peculiar to any class.

To listen and watch this click the link and get ready to be reminded of some things and hear about aspects of what it means to these two to balance their faith, love and careers.


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