"We Never Organized Marriages for Our Children, We Only Asked Them to Read Books" - Oyedepo

The president of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has spoken about his marriage and the influence his children needed to get married. He stated that he and his wife, Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo, never organized any marriage for their children.

The revered cleric made these statements last Sunday in one of the services of the church where his 39th wedding anniversary was celebrated. He added that all his children needed was to read books to be equipped for marriage. Apart from the books of their parents, they also read books from Kenneth E. Hagin.

Oyedepo said that he got to know what marriage entails in November 1981. However, he and his wife got married in August 1982. Before his marriage, he was certain he would have a smooth ride. 

While speaking on his marriage with his beloved wife, he said that they have been on that ride for 39 years. It has been a totally hitch-free marriage and they have been riding on the wheels of revelation.

When his marriage counselor asked him about his expectations for this marriage, he replied, "Hitch-free marriage! I just knew my part, I bought into my part. How God leads is so vital. We have been on that ride 39 years, absolutely hitch-free, on the wheels of revelation." 

More so, he credit reading books to his success in marriage. When he discovered great books on marriage, he knew the results he would get. In this manner, he advised his children to read books on marriage. But he never instructed them on what to read. Also, his focus is on God leading him then, and even now.

"Learning how God leads should not be assumed, you should know it. Don't assume it. Let God lead you, I am only a caretaker, I'm not in charge and life is easy," he said.

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  1. There's power in following the leading of God and reading too


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