Dr. Enenche Set to Build Seven-Floor Hospital, Hotel and Mall In Abuja

The senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche, has disclosed that the church is set to build a seven-floor hospital, mall, and a hotel at the Lord's Garden, Abuja. According to the cleric, the hospital shall have ultra-modern facilities which will enable proper treatment of the people.

Enenche disclosed that these projects will start soon as they have been approved already. Likewise, he said that a beach would be added to the project to attract visitors to the church. The Lord's Garden houses the Glory Dome auditorium of the church.

"When we said that we will build a structure like this, many people didn't believe but it didn't matter. We kept on faithing it and it came to pass. This whole place will soon be populated with iconic structures; on my right here, two seven-floor office towers are coming up,’’ Enenche began.

‘’After that you have a shopping mall, Shepherd’s place where you can just buy things. After that, in front of the main garden 1, is a seven-floor five-star hotel. Then from the stretch of the garden, 1 kilometer at the very end of it, you have a beach and you have the water entering the land and coming out with big trees and sand. And at the end of it, you have two filling stations.

"I am not just talking; these are things that have already been approved. The whole design is approved. Then we have a medical center right here and then we have the secondary schools and all that. Many other things are there, all of them will just rise like trees in a short while," he added.

The revered preacher also encouraged his congregation to walk in faith. He recalled that these projects used to be mere wishes in the past but God is bringing them to realization. Consequently, he admonished his congregation not to think about impossibilities. Rather, they should believe that they can also do it. In conclusion, he added that the church will equally build a medical university alongside the hospital and other projects.

"Every single thing that I am mentioning that is going to be on this ground is for the benefit of the people of God. The one-stop center (shopping mall) is where you can find things you would have been looking for. The children park is somewhere there where children can enjoy their lives.

'’...of course our medical university is coming, everything medical and paramedical. Again I am speaking, we are not just hoping, we are faithing. The way other people are going to India and other places to look for help, they'll be coming in our direction. Halleluia! Is it possible, is it doable? It is already done in the name of Jesus," he concluded.

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