Omoba Tsola Emiko crowned 21st Olu of Warri – Atuwatse III

The 21st Olu of Warri was crowned in a colourful festival display of the Itsekiri nation on Saturday 21st August 2021. Omoba Tsola Emiko became the Atuwatse III. The title Atuwatse means; everything will be renewed, let everything be done in a good way.

The new Olu coincidentally becomes the third Atuwatse after his father that was Oba Atuwatse II. As every Olu did before him, he had to choose a sword of past kings blindfolded to know which of the titles he would bear. It is an auspicious start to his reign that he follows in the steps of his father.

In his first official duty as the new king, before he gave his speech, he started with a few minutes of praise and thanksgiving to God, giving the Almighty all the glory for his installation. Once his worship was over, he set the ball rolling by letting it be known that things would be done to advance the Itsekiri nation with God’s guidance uppermost in decision making every step of the way. The Olu touched on many cogent points in his historical speech. He empahsised that things would be done differently going forward, not in the usual way they were previously.

 The Atuwatse III is the first Olu in decades whose mother is alive to witness his coronation and also the first married to a Benin woman. In his inaugural address he specifically stated that, “women will no longer be treated as invisible and will be empowered” in order to contribute to the advancement of the nation. He also extended an invitation to all sons and daughters of the Ode Tsekiri nation both at home and abroad to return home and partner to build and advance the cause of the kingdom and Nigeria and the African continent as a whole.

The rich cultural heritage of the Itsekiris was on display all through the coronation festivities. The regatta and numerous activities that marked this historical occasion were a reminder of the heritage found within the borders of Nigeria.  Famous Itsekiri sons and daughters like Tara Durotoye, Omawunmi and more were in attendance to witness this landmark event.

We rejoice with the Itsekiri nation and echo long live the king, long may he reign. Ogiame Suoo!

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