Ugandan Father Kills Son for Converting to Christianity from Islam

A Ugandan man has been murdered for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. The 20-year-old Tabiruka Tefiiro was killed by Muslim father Kasimu Kawona, who wasn't comfortable with his son converting from Islam to Christianity, the Morning Star News reported.

The victim who was from Bupalama village in Kibuku district’s Buseta sub-county, was murdered last Sunday. In 2019, he converted to Christianity and moved to Kampala where he started working. However, his family members pressured him to return to his village. On August 1, he returned to his village but refused to give up his Christian faith.

When Tefiiro's father asked him if he was ready to convert back to Islam, he said he would continue to be a Christian.

“I am mature enough to join any religion that I feel like because I am above 18 years old. I want to confirm that I am saved by the grace of God. I can’t renounce my Christian faith now or in the future,” the victim said, according to his aunt. 

His father left home that day and came the next day with a hoe and a knife which he used to harm Tefiiro. His aunt continued,

“He followed Tefiiro and forcefully entered the house and forced him back to the homestead, where he tied him up and started beating him with the hoe. He fell down unconscious. He then hanged him up.”

According to sources, Kawona was charged for manslaughter instead of murder because he murdered his son out of vexation for converting to Christianity. The incident has been condemned by neighbors, including the Muslims, non Muslims, and local leaders.

There have been a series of murder cases in Uganda because of converting from one religion to another. Although the population of Uganda are mostly Christians, some eastern and central areas have majority of Muslims.

The Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project reveals that about 11.5% of Uganda’s population is Muslim. Muslims in Uganda are primarily Sunni. 

“Radical Islam’s influence has grown steadily, and many Christians within the majority-Muslim border regions are facing severe persecution, especially those who convert from Islam,” a Voice of the Martyrs factsheet stated.

“Despite the risks, evangelical churches in Uganda have responded by reaching out to their neighbors; many churches are training leaders how to share the Gospel with Muslims and care for those who are persecuted after they become Christians," it added.

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