Danny Gokey Releases New Album Titled ''Jesus People"; Asks People to Stand Up for Christ

Last week, award-winning gospel artiste, Danny Gokey released his latest full-length studio album titled Jesus People. He is expectant that his music will inspire Christians to ponder on Jesus in these “End Times.” He is a contemporary gospel artist who believes in listening to the voice of God. Likewise, he is an alumnus of American Idol.

Whenever he wants to compose a song, the 41-year-old admitted that he usually says a prayer. He believes it is his source and the reason he grows. He commits the song to Jesus, acknowledging Him as the greatest lyricist of all times. More so, he desires to speak in the same tone as Jesus.

While speaking with the Christian Post, Gokey added that he makes use of his faith to achieve a lot of things. He believes that God speaks and writes his songs through him. Hence, he pays attention consistently to whatever God would say to him.

The native of Milwaukee also made mention of the song he likes the most on the album - "Jesus People.” His reason was that "we need Jesus people to stand up."

“We need Jesus people to let it be known. We need Jesus people to start walking in the freedom that's been paid for. And walking in the knowledge of the truth because there's a broken world. And really, we should start doing more with our hands and feet than our mouth,” he said. 

Besides, the father of four talked about the American culture and the loss in values. Some persons cannot differentiate between Christianity and the world because of how it is being portrayed by others.

“Most people have heard about Jesus in our world. Our country was founded upon Christ and Christian values. The thing is, there's a cognitive dissonance. They hear Christianity, and they're seeing Christianity. It just looks like the world. It looks like everyone else except that you just slap a label on yourself. People who not just talk about it, but live it sacrificially, they're the ones that grab people's attention. So we need Jesus people to do that," Gokey explained.

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