Indian Pastor Beaten to Death; Wife Vows to Continue His Work


A pastor in Haryana state, India was murdered last Wednesday for his Christian faith. According to Morning Star, Pastor Vinod Kumar was attacked and beaten with a wooden roof truss by a Hindu man identified as Sonu Kashyap from Sangoi village in Haryana state's Karnal district. 

This incident occurred after the 42-year-old pastor lead an online worship service. After the service, he got a call from Kashyap's brother about going to see a villager who was sick. As the pastor left his village, Kashyap hit him continuously in the head with the roof truss. Pastor Kumar died in the hospital where he taken. Meanwhile, Kashyap has been arrested.

"He attacked Vinod unaware from behind. He hit him hard on his head three times even after he fell from the motorbike. Kashyap had visited our home to get himself prayed for. I do not know what came upon him that he took such a drastic step of killing Vinod so brutally," Sunita Kamar, the wife of the deceased said.

The mentor of Kumar who led him to Christ 25 years ago, Pastor Sompal Kalre,  said that the people around found the murder weapon with Kashyab. They got hold of him and started hitting him before the arrival of the police. He was rescued from the angry mob before they could kill him.

Baljeet Singh, who is the Station Head Officer informed Morning Star News that Pastor Kumar was murdered because of "some trivial animosity." The Christians around the vicinity said that the faith of the pastor triggered Kashyap to ambush him.

Sunita stated that whenever Kashyap visits her husband, they usually discuss about God’s grace and endless love. She added that Kashyap had also requested prayers from drug addiction in their home. Presently, she is appalled that someone could murder a man like her husband.

"He had no enemies. The entire village was at his cremation, and they all wept for him. I have resolved to carry on the work my husband was doing, and I want to live his dream out. Vinod became a martyr for his faith, and I too will die for my faith," Sunita said.

The late pastor is survived by his wife and their 11-year-old daughter.

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