Parents of Abducted Students in Kaduna Resort to Prayers


On Monday, 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School in Damishi, Kaduna state were kidnapped by armed bandits. The parents of the students gathered at the school praying and crying as they awaited news about their children.

The head of the Kaduna Baptist Conference, Reverend Ishaya Jangado, who manages the school, said that the kidnappers contacted him on Tuesday. He said that he was permitted to speak with some students who admitted that they were unharmed. Likewise, he confirmed that the kidnapped students were 121 in number.

In addition, Jangado said that during the attack, 28 students escaped. Some ran away while others hid in the school. He added that he had met with some government officials who assured him that they would put in efforts to ensure that the students are released and are united with their parents.

In reaction to the sad situation, the parents of the abducted children are calling on God to answer their prayers. They desire that their children will be released and be brought to them.

The past six months have seen four cases of students being kidnapped in Kaduna State. Consequently, ransoms are being demanded for the freedom of the school children. As a result, many schools have been compelled to shutdown as authorities have fallen short of protecting them.

Kidnapping of school children in the north became prominent after about 276 female students were kidnapped from a government school in Chibok in Borno State.  

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