Pope Francis Makes First Appearance since Intestinal Surgery


On Sunday, Pope Francis appeared before the public for the first time since he had his major intestinal surgery last week. He stood on the hospital balcony for some minutes as he greeted well-wishers. Besides, he thanked everyone who prayed for his recovery.

On July 4, the Vatican announced that pope would undergo surgery at Gemelli Polyclinic to take out a part of his colon which had narrowed due to inflammation. However, the date he would be discharged has not been made known to the public.

Francis, 84, stood at the balcony of the hospital with some children who were also hospitalized. As he spoke, the audience encouraged him with applauses. He kept one of his hands on a lectern for support as he read from remarks which were prepared for him.

While speaking on being hospitalized, the pope said that it was an avenue for him to realize “how important a good health service is, accessible to all, as it is in Italy and other countries.”

Gemelli Polyclinic is a major Catholic teaching hospital on the outskirts of Rome. Although it is a nonpublic hospital, Italy has a national public health service, and residents can equally receive treatment at private hospitals. The government often reimburses the costs incurred at the private hospitals.

In addition, the pope thanked and encouraged the health care workers and personnel at hospitals. He also made mention of his closeness to the people of Haiti as their president was assassinated last week with their first lady injured. The pope prayed for peace and harmony for the people of Haiti.

After commenting on other global issues, Francis implored his audience that they should not forget to pray for him.

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