‘’I Love Jesus But I‘m Not Churchy,’’ Lecrae says

Christian music artiste, Lecrae, has revealed how he is moving his faith from where he was to another level. He added that although he has nothing against the assembling of the saints, he is not ‘’churchy.’’ However, he is building more focus on loving Jesus. He made this disclosure during an interview with NGEN Radio which was monitored by The Christian Post.

Born Lecrae Devaughn Moore, the award-winning singer is also an actor, music executive, and an entrepreneur. In the interview, he stated that there is a connection he has with God. Whenever he acts outside how he feels God wants him to act, he encounters difficulties.

Previously, he stated that he felt ashamed of “loving Jesus but not being churchy.” More so, he feels he is forced to heed to the Christian culture in America. He tends to be different but the American Christian culture seems to have a different view of how he should dress or behave. 

“The Christian culture in America, specifically, will kind of force itself on you, and say, 'Well, you have to talk like this, and you have to dress like this.' … If you don’t assimilate and kind of move this way, then people going to side-eye you. ... I’ve just been really comfortable in my skin…There’s no way you can say I’m not a follower of Christ. But I don’t fit certain molds, and that’s OK. And if you do, that’s OK,’’ Lacrae said in the interview.

Furthermore, he talked certain acts in churches that doesn’t just go well with him. He does not have any issue with attending fellowship but he is just not ‘’churchy.’’

"When I say ‘churchy’, that doesn't mean I don’t like fellowshipping with believers. But when I say ‘churchy,’ it means there’s certain ... cultures in churches that I just don’t really fall in line with. ... There's certain things that are done that it’s not my thing, and that’s OK, as long as you follow Christ.” 

Lecrae also talked about his experiences in the past years especially in 2020 when COVID-19 became a global pandemic. He added that God has been his back up all through the years.

“It’s lit ... I’m not going to complain. I’m surviving out here in this whole world we got going on. I’m feeling creative. I’m in the lab. I did a lot of spiritual deconstruction over the last few years, and now I’ve been reconstructing. ... God has really been connecting me in different places and spaces that I never really imagined,” he concluded.

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