Kanye West Previews Latest Album, Donda, In Church


U.S rapper and businessman, Kanye West, has previewed his latest album, Donda, at Church LV last Sunday. Donda was named after the singer’s late mother who passed on in 2007. However, attendees were instructed not to record the event. 

According to reports, the "Jesus Walks" singer wore gloves and a full ski mask to the Las Vegas church and he had no conversation with the audience. Likewise, he played music off his laptop as he took off one glove. While commenting on the album, Pastor Benny Perez said that his favorite track is ‘God Breathed’. He added that the song is quite impactful. Besides, he said that he is thankful that West previewed his songs at the church.

“It was just awesome. I appreciate the church and all the guests that came. It was a great event. Sometimes crazy stuff starts happening and it didn’t happen here. It was respectful,” Perez said, according to The Christian Post.

Meanwhile, Photographer Nigel D shared his observations from the event. 

“I thought the album would have no expletives. But there are some B's and N's. So Kanye tried to rush and lower the music when the B's were flying because we were I'm a church,” Nigel D. tweeted.

“The album is really about having faith in God and overcoming adversity. Kanye speaks on personal struggles and struggles others face. Positive messages that you can turn up to.

“Then he had a track with Lil Baby and I was ready to party. The music is still centered on God but there is a variety in sounds. Some slow, some trap, etc.,” the photographer added.

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