Actor Danny Trejo Recounts His Life Of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood Fame


Hollywood actor, Danny Trejo, has told the story of how he made his entrance into Hollywood.  While many persons worked on their craft on Broadway or simply featured in television series to master their skill, 77 year old Trejo did several stretches in the country's most infamous prisons. 

The veteran actor is a convicted felon. He  won his battles with drugs and violence to hobnob with Tinsel Town's most influential stars. He ascribes his success story to God for enabling him to find a path in life after about 50 years of leaving the prisons.

His acting career has spanned 36 years with him featuring in about 380 movies and television appearances. Besides, acting, Trejo has succeeded as a businessman. He established Trejo's Cantina, Trejo's Tacos, and Trejo's Coffee & Donuts in the Los Angeles area with seven branches presently. However, there are plans to expand the business to every areas across the country.

Recently, Trejo entered into partnership with co-actor Donal Logue to pen down his memoir titled Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood. The book tells the abusive childhood Trejo had, his life in incarceration, and how he encountered God. 

While speaking with Fox News, Trejo stated that he had a deal with God while he was in prison 53 years ago. He added that the his faith played a prominent role in where he is today. In his words;

"First of all, I made a deal with God in 1968. I said, 'If you let me die with dignity, I'll say your name every day. And I'll do whatever I can for my fellow inmate.' I never thought I was getting out of prison. And God let me out of prison. I got out on Aug. 23, 1969," he recalled. 

"I have to say that with God, nothing can hurt you. Anything is possible. Without God, you're dead. And I know I would be without the faith I have. I wake up every morning and say, 'Dear Heavenly Father, please let me help whoever I can for my fellow man. And I'll say your name every day and I'll do whatever I can.' 

"And it's been working. He lived up to His deal. I'm living up to mine. I even asked God a couple of days ago, 'How am I doing?' He said, 'Trejo, you're doing great. Keep it up. You're almost out of hell'," the actor said, laughing. 

In addition, Trejo talked about his experience as a drug addict, how it all started and his desire to get help. Likewise, he said he now shows his family the love that they deserve.

"I got clean in '68 in prison. I then got out of prison in 1969… It seemed like I did better, but there was still something missing. …I didn't think turning me on to marijuana was abuse when I was 8. I thought it was sharing. It was a form of abuse. I didn't know. So when you finally start realizing, 'Wait a minute man, this is not right,' that's when the healing really begins," he said. 

"Now, I tell my kids I love them every day. I'll call them up and say, 'I love you and you're the apple of my eye.' I guess I'm doing everything my parents didn't do. And yet, I refuse to blame them. That was what they knew," he added. 

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