Casting Crowns Seek Prayers for Former Drummer Involved in Motorcycle Accident

Andy Williams, the former drummer of Christian band, Casting Crowns, has been hospitalized after he was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. The group announced that while going to church on Sunday, Williams was hit by another vehicle. Hence, they are seeking prayers for him.

Although the drummer is alive, the doctors prefer that he wakes up on his own. The Facebook post read;

“This morning, Andy Williams, our beloved drummer, was struck by a vehicle while on his way to church. He was resuscitated at the scene and rushed to Vandy ER. Currently, Andy is on a ventilator with severe trauma to his body and brain. The doctors have performed scans and are continuing to identify the trauma suffered. 

"He is ALIVE, but his needs are many. The doctors say right now that the best thing that can happen is for him to wake up on his own. So please stop what you ‘re doing and pray for Andy to wake up. Pray for his wife Kelly, his two sons Asher and Aiden, and his sister Mary.’’

Responses to the post 
Immediately their fans saw the post, they reacted with prayers for Andy.
Mia Jones said, ‘’Praying for Andy and his family. Jehovah Rapha heal his body and brain. I pray that his family would feel your love surround them and feel your peace.’’

‘’Lord Jesus, all that touches us goes through your will. You saw this coming for Andy. You know what needs to be done. As we obey you and cry out in petition for Andy’s restoration, we know you are a good faithful Father. Hold Andy so close. Use this time to speak to all involved. For your glory we live and have life. Andy is yours eternally. Peace and strength and life to Andy and his scared family,’’ Regann R Hunt-Royster prayed.

Teresa Sanders said, ‘’Praying for God to heal his injuries. Praying that Andrew can wake up on his own. Please give him strength to fight these injuries.’’

‘’Lord, speak life and healing over the broken places in Andy’s body! Give supernatural wisdom and discernment to all those involved with his care and flood his family with indescribable peace in knowing that you are present and you are in complete control, in Jesus’ name,’’ Julie A. Gibson prayed.

At the time this story was published, Casting Crowns’ post had more than 133,000 reactions, 40,000 comments, and 35,000 shares.

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