Kumuyi: Nigeria Can Remain United If the Gov’t Address Agitations to Secede

The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, (DLCM) Pastor William Kumuyi, has spoken on the agitations of various regions in the country to secede.  According to the revered preacher, if the issues raised by these groups are addressed, Nigeria can still stand as one.

He made this statement during the ongoing 6-day crusade in Abuja tagged ‘Super Living Through Divine Connection’ which was monitored by the Nigerian Tribune. Besides, he pleaded with Nigerians to be consistent in praying for their leaders as results would come.

In addition, Pastor Kumuyi said freedom of speech is guaranteed in a democracy. Hence, every individual has a right to self-expression. He admitted that with a large population in one country, there will be diverse views and people would desire to express their dissatisfaction at certain issues. 

Even in countries where they have a lot of things going well for them, there will still be people who will not be satisfied. But because of democracy, everyone is free to express their opinions.

Furthermore, Pastor Kumuyi said that in those states and regions where there are agitations for secession, some of their leaders are not in support. Hence, peace should be the ultimate goal. Being united would have been a better option but at the same time, everyone is free to speak their mind.

Also, he stated that the challenges and the difficulties we might face when we break up should be looked into. If we address the issues that are making us to agitate, he said we could have a better nation.

The revered preacher equally spoke on the power of prayers. He said that the extent of devastation in the country can be slowed down with prayers. Likewise, he said that we should be grateful that the end of the country has not come. And by God’s grace, we will have the solutions to our problems. 

While speaking on the state of the nation, Kumuyi admitted that corruption is evident. However, he is not certain about where the fault is. But with prayers and repentance being preached, we could have a change. This is more reason for the program. He made reference to a story in the Bible.

“Egypt was quite bad at the time of Moses, but the Lord eventually touched the heart of Pharaoh, and the change came. Also, we know that Babylon was in a terrible situation but the Lord also touched Nebuchadnezzar. And in our own nation, if we believe, those people believed that the Lord is going to bring a change even to the corruption problem, he will do it. And that’s what we believe and it will be onto us according to our faith,'' Kumuyi said.

In conclusion, he talked about the impact of the crusade on the attendees. There have been testimonies in various areas – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

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