Movie Review: Heart Pain – A Story on Neglect and Regret


The work of God must be treated with sincerity and diligence. However, it is not an excuse to neglect one’s family and the demands of the home. From the stables of Mount Zion Films, Heart Pain is a movie centered on pain, neglect, and regrets.

Pastor Akinola Nelson is a devoted preacher whose pastoral work often takes him away from his home.  The father of two would leave home for months without visiting his family. And when he does, he spends a greater part of his time praying behind closed doors. He usually neglects the calling of his home – nurturing his children and being a provider. His wife is not left out as she hardly gets the love of a husband.

On one of his evangelical trips, he left his home with inadequate funds for his family. His wife wailed as she had to spend the last money she had on her. The only son of the couple, Samson, lives irresponsibly. His character is bereft of Godly principles as he also steals in his home.

Sadly, he stole the last penny in the house which his mom had planned to use to feed the family. This act made his mom to go berserk as she hit him in a bid not to ‘’spare the rod and spoil the child.’’

Pastor Nelson was still in his trip outside Lagos preaching the gospel as his son was battling for his life in the hospital. He had a dream where he was called to deliver a girl who was possessed by a demon. In his attempt to deliver the girl, she bit him.

Pastor Nelson groaned in pain as he examined his injured finger. At this point, the Chief Shepherd (acted by Mike Bamiloye) appeared to the pastor. He cautioned him on the manner at which he treated his family. The good Lord values the family so much and the place of ministry cannot take the place of family time. According the Chief Shepherd, God comes first, family second; then ministry comes last.

The Chief Shepherd informed Pastor Nelson that the same way he is groaning in pain, his wife is equally experiencing greater pain at home. Hence, he must amend his ways and go back to his family. After much back and forth, Pastor Nelson decided to go back to his family.

He got a call from home that his son is seriously ill. However, the son was already dead when he reached the hospital. His wife collapsed upon hearing the news. Their daughter, Esther, wailed as she wished her only brother was alive.

Mrs. Nelson also had the Chief Shepherd appear to her in her dream. While she was reporting her husband to Him, He informed her of her faults. She was guilty of not loving her husband the way it ought to be. Likewise, she derived pleasure in nagging and making her home uncomfortable for her husband.

The Chief Shepherd told her to ask for mercy and her obedience to this call restored her only son back to life.

Heart Pain was set in Lagos and its message cuts across various aspects of life. Neglect can be in the home, in the ministry, or even at our work place. It is pertinent to note that neglect has its consequences. 

The movie was written and produced by Mike Bamiloye and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. Music was handled by Joshua Mike-Bamiloye. It was released on May 2, 2021 on YouTube.

                                     Lessons to Learn
1. Charity begins at home
This popular saying is often neglected by people who should live by the words. Pastor Nelson was busy preaching about ways people could live a better life while upholding the principles of the Word. Meanwhile, his son, who needed the preaching more, was acting otherwise. Samson lived an irresponsible life which brought constant pain to his mother.

2. There is time for everything
Pastor Nelson did not plan his time properly. He could have still succeeded in ministry if he had given enough time to his family. The period he was at home, he could have used it to caution his son and also show love to his family but he preferred to use it for closed-door prayers.

3. Do not give access to the devil
The devil was able to attack the home of Pastor Nelson because he failed in his duties as a father. A father ought to care and protect his family. However, the preacher did the exact opposite. He was never there for his family especially to correct his son who was toeing the path of waywardness. This lapse on his part made the devil to enter his home and took the life of his son.

4. God is merciful
After Mrs. Nelson asked God for mercy, God restored her son back to life. God is merciful and He listens to His children when they call on Him. Many Christians have defaulted in their service to God. Nevertheless, God turns our situation around when we call on Him.

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