Tori Kelly: My Identity Is In Christ, Not Fame


Singer and songwriter Tori Kelly has explained what keeps her grounded when she is sometimes lured to depend on her fame. While speaking in an interview with co-singer and songwriter Ally Brooke on her podcast, The Ally Brooke Show, Kelly noted that her identity and faith in Christ keeps her grounded. According to Christian Headlines, the both singers are friends who openly professed their faith in Christ.

In one of her questions, Brooke asked Kelly how she has managed to stay humble and maintain who she truly is despite being different from other artists. Kelly responded saying that the reason for staying true to herself is because she knows what her priorities are. 

She said that this knowledge is amazing for her as she admitted that the actions she has taken as a singer are remarkable and not everyone has the capacity to do this. Hence, she is grateful for the opportunity to do what she does which is actually amazing!

She continued saying that having the knowledge that she is just Tori has helped her to stay grounded. The hype they get in the industry comes easy. It puts them in the spotlight because they have fans. Still, if all she has achieved no longer exists, her identity is in Christ. Likewise, she said that who God says she is, is what she basis her identity on. Besides, she said her Christian faith keeps her to the ground.

"I think it's just about kind of fighting that and pushing that down and realizing, 'I'm on the same level as everybody else.' It does not matter what we do for work, or what our dreams are. ... At the end of the day, you know, God sees us all the same. And it's, I think, something I try to do daily with what we do for work," Kelly said.

Furthermore, Kelly said that her faith has been a great part of her as a child. However, her faith grew as she took it more serious in high school. She was appreciated by Brooke for praying for her and supporting her during her challenging moments.

Also, Brooke informed Kelly that although they are friends, she still looks up to her. She added that people can maintain their personality and still grow in the industry. More so, there are various ways for a Christian to excel.

"One of my dear pastor friends, he says to his church … 'You don't have to be here staying in the church to be a minister or to be a light or to plant a seed.' And that's true. … Some people are called to be in the church. But some people are called to also be in the world," Brooke said.

Among Kelly’s works is a gospel album she released in 2018, titled Hiding Place. In 2020, she was part of a song, "Together," with Kirk Franklin and For King and Country. 

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